Can Ibuprofen and OTC drugs be taken while cleansing?

It is best to avoid all over-the-counter drugs while cleansing. These add to the toxic burden and hinder the functions of vital organs that are already doing plenty of work to detoxify properly.

For aches and pains, we recommend the following ideas:

  • Try Eliminate which helps to ease pain, reduce stress, promote sleep, and ease constipation. 
  • Take a hot epsom salt bath. This is both relaxing and eases muscle and joint pains. Add some fresh ginger to enhance detoxification (for 15 minutes max). 
  • Hot/Cold shower treatments can be beneficial for pains, and also help enhance detoxification.
  • Rest a bit more than usual. Cleansing is a process that takes a lot of internal energy, so slim down your workouts and take time to pamper yourself and relax a bit. 

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