How much should I eat at each meal?

They are varied for everyone, but a good rule of thumb is what is commonly called a Buddha Bowl, which is a rough gauge of what everyone should consume in one sitting: your cupped hands being the general size. 

You take that amount (with vegetables being the main amount, whole grains next, and any healthy fats or additional seaweeds, condiments, herbs, spices, oils, etc.), eating slowly and mindfully free of distractions and truly savoring each mouthful, chewing very well to boost the digestion since it really starts as soon as you smell the food (giving thanks for where it came from and how it will nourish your body) and in the mouth with saliva beginning to break it down for optimal assimilation. 

If you're still hungry 20 minutes later (once your brain has had time to register fullness), you can have a second (smaller) helping, but you might feel completely satisfied, yet light and energized!

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