What’s the difference between Clean Program and the Clean Gut Program?

What’s the difference between the Clean Program and the Clean Gut Program?

Both programs follow the same structure, but the Clean Gut Program adds an additional "Gut Module" which is comprised of two products -- Beta Glucan & Integrity -- to be taken in between meals. These supportive powders help to restore the integrity of the intestinal wall, increase good bacteria and improve digestion. 

The Daily Plan goes like this:

  • Shake in the morning + supplements
  • Gut Module Powders between meals
  • Meal from the Clean Diet + Supplements 
  • Gut Module Powders between meals
  • Shake in the evening + supplements

The Gut Module: Beta Glucan & Integrity 


++ Integrity is a powder blend to help "heal and seal"* the gut. It contains 3 ingredients: l-glutamine, deglycyhrrizinized licorice (DGL), and aloe vera leaf extract. L-glutamine is an amino acid that has been proven to aid in cellular repair and can help to repair the gut lining, making it very helpful for gut permeability or leaky gut. The DGL and aloe vera are soothing agents to help coat and calm the gut lining. Integrity has powerful anti-inflammatory and restorative properties. 

++ Beta-glucan is a prebiotic/probiotic blend, meaning that it contains beneficial bacteria and the fiber needed to feed those good bacteria. This is to encourage growth and proliferation of your own colony of beneficial gut flora, not only in the large intestine but through the colon as well.

Restoring good gut flora can reduce inflammation, support regulation of the immune system, and support maintenance of the gut lining. Integrity and Beta-glucan work together as a restorative, anti-inflammatory duo to support good gut health. 

I invite you to book an appointment with one of our Wellness Coaches in order to help define the best decision for your specific needs.  http://www.cleanprogram.com/coach

Which program is best for me?
If you’ve never done any of our programs, we recommend that you start with the Clean Program.
If you are aware of gut-related problems or want to increase the power of your Clean Program, consider adding the Gut Module     

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