Do I really have to give up coffee? What about decaf?

Yes, you really do have to give up all coffee, decaf included. Coffee is very acidic and dehydrating, and caffeine severely taxes the detox organs, such as the liver and kidneys. Even though decaf coffee does not have caffeine, it is still acidic and dehydrating, and the caffeine is usually extracted with chemical solvents, making it a poor choice during the Gut program. Here’s what we suggest you do to let go of coffee during Clean Gut:

Green vegetable juice: To re-mineralize and hydrate your body, consume 8-16 ounces of fresh green vegetable juice daily, made at home or from your local juice bar. Use cucumber, celery, and lots of greens (kale, parsley, romaine, chard). Add a bit of carrot for sweetness, with ginger and lemon. Try this for one week and watch your energy soar. Trust us, this is powerful stuff. 

Raw cacao powder: Add to almond milk with a dash of stevia. This is a delicious and energizing drink. It’s loaded with minerals and antioxidants, without the coffee crash.

Green tea or yerba mate: These are great coffee substitutes - energizing and full of additional health benefits. 

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