What can I do to reduce Joint Pain and Muscle Aches?

Sometimes when we cleanse, the biological terrain within our body begins to change. This process can release toxins into the blood stream and change the composition of our body. Muscle aches (especially legs and lower back), headaches and vivid dreams are common symptoms of cleansing. When these symptoms occur, recognize them as part of the process of the Cleanse. Then, follow the tips below:

  • Stay well hydrated: Increase your water intake. Drink coconut water - it’s a great source of electrolytes and potassium, and useful in reducing muscle aches.
  • Take Eliminate: Magnesium helps relax muscles and the nervous system. It also encourages bowel movements. Mix 1-3 teaspoons of Eliminate with water. Alternatively, you can take up to 1,200 mg a day of a magnesium citrate supplement.
  • Take a hot bath: Relax in a hot bath with epsom salts and about 2 cups of baking soda.

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