Why am I feeling moody and irritable?

This is very common throughout the Cleanse. During the Cleanse, you’re changing habits and adding in new foods. Your body will often need a short period of adjustment where you may feel irritable. Don’t worry, it will pass.

Know that you’re doing what is best for your body: feeding it nutrient-dense foods and supplements, removing the major allergens, and giving your system a much needed rest. As the body becomes more vibrant during the cleanse and releases waste and toxicity, it also releases old emotions. This is a wonderful opportunity to get clear and truthful about what you are really feeling.

When you feel moody or an emotional release happening, give it space and be gentle with yourself. Don’t look to numb the emotions with food. Take some deep breaths and go deeper. Ask yourself, “what’s really going on here?” Be gentle with yourself and know that it will pass.

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