Can I drink coffee on the program?

Coffee (and decaf) is not permitted on the program. You are encouraged to slowly remove coffee from your daily routine during your 3-day Pre-Cleanse. This helps to prep the body for detox as well as ease withdrawal symptoms. 
Here are some tips for breaking the coffee habit during the program:

1. Replace your coffee fix with green tea, matcha tea, or 8-16 oz of fresh green juice- all provide gentle energy boosts as well as antioxidants and plenty of essential minerals.

2. Raw cacao powder (raw chocolate) mixed with warm water or nut milk offers a cozy pick-me-up and is loaded with natural stimulants to refresh you.

3.  Teeccino (Gluten-Free Dandelion flavor only) or Dandy Blend are both excellent-tasting coffee alternatives.

4. To soothe headaches, take  Eliminate (Magnesium Citrate) which not only relaxes the body, but can help promote sound sleeping and regular elimination. 

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