Is it possible to cleanse while pregnant or nursing?

The 21-Day Program is not suitable for those pregnant or nursing. Please do not actively try to conceive until your program is complete.

Cleansing is a wonderful way to prepare for a new baby, but is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mamas.

There are 3 reasons that the program is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding:

1. It may not offer enough calories to support pregnancy or nursing.  If you do incorporate a daily liquid meal, you want to make sure to add protein powder to it (such as in a smoothie) and make sure to get adequate nutrients throughout the rest of your day.  

2. As toxins are released and eliminated from the body, the baby can potentially be exposed to them.  Cleansing in general - our program or not - is really not a good idea during pregnancy for this reason.

3. Some of the products have not been adequately tested and approved for pregnant women and developing fetuses. 

There are certain aspects of the program protocol that you can safely follow while pregnant or nursing, including eating from the cleanse diet and incorporating in a daily liquid meal.

Examples of how to live CLEAN during your pregnancy:

1. Prenatal vitamins

2. EPA-DHA (fish oil) supplement. There is a lot of information about how critical omega 3s are to so many aspects of a developing fetus.

3. Stick closely to the Cleanse Diet.

4. Incorporate a liquid meal or smoothie most days with fresh fruits, nut butter or avocado, a little stevia or local, raw honey, hemp or nut milk, hemp protein powder and ground flax seed.

5. Daily probiotic.

It is always recommended to speak with your OBGYN/midwife before you begin or add to a new regimen.

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