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Robert Domingo December 7, 2012 CLEANSE / Challenges and Goals

If you experience any noticeable bloating, gas fermentation, or constipation, it is likely caused by one or more of these contributing factors (they tend to play off of each other).
1. Allergens in foods - the Cleanse diet will help with this.
2. Lack of intestinal flora - probiotics will help with this as well as cultured foods like sauerkraut. 
3. Leaky gut - tiny perforations in the intestinal tract from years of poor eating creates inflammation and bloating. Two great supplements exist to help reduce leaky gut, L-glutamine (Integrity) and Beta-Glucan. Both of these will help repair the intestinal lining and reduce bloating/digestive issues.
4. Inability to fully digest food - a good digestive enzyme like our Ease will help digest food, leading to less fermentation, gas, and bloating.
5. Lack of Hydrochloric acid - over time many people do not produce adequate amounts of this leading to undigested food and heartburn. Look to supplement or find a digestive enzyme that includes HCL.
6. Poor bowel movements - sluggish digestion leads to constipation which in turn continues to effect the digestive system. Add in Natural Calm twice a day to help relieve constipation and bloating. 
7. Stress - this is a major factor in digestive issues. Aim to eat in a calm environment.
8. Lack of sleep - getting enough sleep is crucial to good digestion. Aim to stop eating at least 3 hours before bed, preferably more. 
9. Dehydration - proper hydration is important for good digestion. Aim to drink at least a liter of water a day preferably in the morning upon waking. Eat lots of fresh water rich leafy greens and veggies.
10. Fiber - we need good sources of fiber like our Cleanse Shakes and lots of fresh leafy greens and veggies. Make these the largest part of your meal.
If you experience pains such as stomach aches or cramps try the following:
  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.
  • Avoid Chia and Flax seeds/meal.
  • Try using flax oil and fresh-water fish like salmon to replenish your omegas.
  • If you'd like to speak with a wellness coach to try to pinpoint other things in your diet that could be giving you trouble just give us a call at 888-497-8417 or schedule a free appointment with a wellness coach


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