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I'd Rather Not Lose Too Much Weight, What Should I Do?

Robert Domingo
posted this on December 12, 2012, 12:52 PM

The best way to curb weight loss on the program is to double the size of your liquid meals, and make sure your solid meals are big enough. It will also help to make sure you are getting enough protein (50 to 90 grams a day). A good way to do this is to add an additional protein powder to your shakes. You can find quality protein powders at your local health food store, just make sure you avoid whey or soy. Some good options are pea, hemp, and brown rice protein powders. It will also help to include nuts in your snacks and avocado or coconut oil in your shakes. And if you do lose a couple of pounds that you don’t want to lose, you can put them back on strategically when you’re done with the Cleanse by eating plenty of good fats, clean proteins, and doing weight-bearing exercise. Remember, your body is always trying to find balance. Everyone gains or loses a few pounds here and there, so put away the scale and keep it going.

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