Is there MSG or artificial flavors in any Clean products?

No, there is no MSG or artificial flavors in our cleanse. 

Here are a few details on the practices of our manufacturers: 
1. Natural orange flavor, for example, must contain only natural extracts from orange. This can be labeled as 1)”natural orange flavor” or 2) “natural flavor”.  If you felt this tasted like grapefruit and wanted to call out the grapefruit identity it would have to be labeled as “artificial grapefruit flavor” because there are no natural components from grapefruit in the flavor.
2. Natural orange WONF (With Other Natural Flavors) must contain only natural extractives from orange and other natural ingredients. This can be labeled either as 1) “natural orange flavor with other natural flavors” or 2) “natural flavor”.
3. Natural flavor must contain only natural extracts and if using several natural flavors and WONFs in one formula, one can report this once on the ingredient list, in descending order by their sum of input amount, as natural flavor
4. Flavor houses do not divulge the component profile of their flavor profiles and consider them highly confidential!
5. Most aromatic compounds used for natural flavors are liquids in their natural state.  Powdered flavors almost always come on carriers. Metagenics uses powdered flavors in our powder applications and takes great care that, for example, if maltodextrin is the carrier, that it is nonGMO .
6. Powdered flavors can be bulky and contribute significantly to the weight of a given powder product. That is why flavors may show up higher in an ingredient list for a powder product than they might for a similar liquid product. 
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