What if I want to reintroduce food groups other than gluten and dairy after Clean Gut?


Going beyond gluten and dairy

During the Reintroduction Process, we focused on the two main Toxic Triggers for most people: gluten and dairy. But these aren’t the only ones. For those of you who want to explore other potential Toxic Triggers, or are already clear on your relationship with gluten and dairy, you can begin testing the foods listed below. Follow the same process above, eat the food being tested two to three times a day for two days. Then take a two day break before you start a new food item.

As you have discovered on the Gut program, the type of food we eat matters, a lot. It can be the difference between feeling energized and alive and feeling tired and sick. While this process does take time, it is one of the most revealing and inexpensive ways to determine the kinds of foods that will promote your highest level of health long term.

The most common Toxic Triggers after gluten and dairy are corn, eggs, soy, red meat, and nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant). We did not remove all of these foods from the Gut Diet or add all of them to the Reintroduction Process. If you suspect you may have an issue with one of these foods, try the process and see.

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