I’m feeling cold-like symptoms (stuffy nose, headaches, low energy).

Don’t worry. What you’re feeling is most likely not a cold, but common detox symptoms. These symptoms are letting you know that your body is working hard to get itself back into balance by removing the junk. Here are some tips to help you through these symptoms:

Personal TLC (Tender Love and Care): If symptoms become difficult, treat yourself with love and care. Take a warm bath and go to bed early.

Journey, not a destination: Clean Gut can often uncover issues that the body has been dealing with for years, but hasn’t brought to the surface. Your overall health is a journey and may require more time and attention than the 21- day Gut program. If that is the case, we suggest visiting functionalmedicine.org to find a doctor in your area who can help you.

Call a Wellness Coach: If you’re dealing with a challenging symptom, contact a Wellness Coach for support.
If your cold-like symptoms do not clear up in three days, please stop the program and contact your family healthcare practitioner. 

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