What can I do if my symptoms are either worsening or not improving during my program? I have a lot of nausea and bloating.

Having an upset stomach at some point during the Gut program is common. Some people experience this in the first week but it’s not uncommon to see it at the end of the program as well. This should ease up within a day or two. As your gut finds balance, pathogenic yeast and bacteria are dying off and your body is releasing toxins. Both of these elements can cause some nausea, gas or bloating. Here are a few things that can help:

Stop taking the Gut Clear supplement for a few days. You may just need to slow things down for a few days. Continue with the Gut Probiotic, Gut Enzyme, and Advanced B.

Drink fresh ginger tea daily. Fresh ginger tea may help with nausea.

Stick with cooked foods that sound appetizing to you. Steamed and mashed cauliflower, chicken stock, warm blended veggie soups, etc. Sticking with these easier foods might be helpful for a few days instead of shakes and raw veggies.

Make sure you’re having daily bowel movements. This can help to move the uncomfortable stuff out. If you are constipated at all try using some Eliminate, a magnesium supplement, or gentle herbal laxative like Triphala. If you’re already taking magnesium, try taking a little more. An enema can also help to move things out, and is easily self-administered at home.

Add Betaine HCL. Often people with weak digestive fire are most sensitive to berberine. Taking Betaine HCL 30 minutes before a meal may help. Taking 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water with meals is a classic home remedy for poor digestion.

Slow Down. Eating too quickly, trying to multitask or eat on the run, rather than slowing down and enjoying your meal, is a common mistake that can lead to overeating, gas and bloating. 

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