Should I do the Pre-Cleanse?

We’ve found that people who ease into the cleanse with a few days of pre-cleansing enjoy the process a lot more, and experience better results. 

What is the Pre-Cleanse?

The Pre-Cleanse is a three day period that helps you get ready for your cleanse. During the Pre-Cleanse, you eat three meals a day from the Cleanse Diet, our list of approved foods that you’ll follow through the program.

The more processed foods, coffee, and alcohol you have consumed in the past years, the more you need to do the Pre-Cleanse.  Jumping into the Cleanse too quickly can cause you to experience stronger cleansing symptoms which may include headaches, bloating, constipation, or diarrhea. The Pre-Cleanse is an important step that maximizes your success with the cleanse while helping to minimize cleansing symptoms.

Why is the Pre-Cleanse helpful?

  • You will be slowly removing the major trigger foods while continuing to eat solid foods so you don’t cleanse too quickly.
  • If you regularly consume coffee and alcohol, the Pre-Cleanse allows you a few days to transition before starting your Cleanse.
  • You will learn which Cleanse Diet foods you like to eat so you’ll be more likely to enjoy the program.

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