What is the best way to lose weight on the Program?

Weight-loss often occurs on the Cleanse, but it isn’t the sole focus. How and when weight-loss occurs varies for everyone. Each person comes into the program with a different level of toxicity, a different genetic history, and different hormonal patterns. For many, the body will not begin to release inflammation and extra weight until it has found balance through the cleansing process.

Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture of why we might have excess weight to begin with. It’s often a result of consuming foods that do not work for the body, resulting in poor digestion, and toxic overload. The Cleanse helps the body re-balance itself and begin to repair the damage done by years of poor habits. When you lose weight without doing this important foundation work, the weight loss typically doesn’t last or bring about the increased vitality that in the end, is what we really want.

Even if you haven’t seen much weight-loss yet, hang in there. You’re doing the foundation work, and that’s what matters most. Daily bowel movements, sticking with the Cleanse Diet, and avoiding emotional snacking will encourage your body to find that sweet spot, totally unique to you.

One of the best things you can do for weight-loss is hide the scale until the end. Don’t stress yourself out by stepping on the scale every day. Just remember, how you feel is a more accurate measure of success. Instead of numbers on the scale, focus on your energy level, sleep patterns, digestion, elimination, mood, and clarity of thoughts.

Here’s a good longer-term strategy for weight loss:

  • Cleanse: It goes without saying that reducing toxicity in the body is a good first step to reducing weight. Remember that the body stores toxins (also called POPs, persistent organic pollutants) in fat cells. By reducing toxicity you are also reducing fat.
  • Daily bowel movements: It is important to have at least one bowel movement a day to make sure you are adequately eliminating toxins. If you are not, drink more water, eat water-rich fruits and veggies, use Eliminate magnesium, and make sure to get 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Eat enough: Even though you may think otherwise, if you’re trying to lose weight, it is important to eat at least 1,500 calories and 50g of protein daily (more if you are male and/or very active). This will keep your metabolism burning effectively and prevent starvation mode from being triggered. In starvation mode your body holds on to excess weight to protect from famine. Eat enough calories and protein to avoid this.
  • Stick with the Clean Diet: It’s the foundation of the Cleanse and the basis for staying Clean after the program is complete. Stick to whole, unprocessed, and local foods. Over time this helps the body cleanse, nourishes the cells, and allows the body to drop excess weight. There are many ways to make the Elimination Diet work with your specific needs. If you are having challenges making the Cleanse Diet work, contact a Wellness Coach.
  • Don’t snack unless hungry:  This will give your body enough time to digest the food you eat. It is better to eat a larger meal and denser shakes than it is to snack in between them. It may help to add avocado to your shakes and more good fats along with protein to your solid meals. You know you have eaten the right amount when you can go from shake to meal without snacking. Remember that the process of learning what works for you takes time and practice.

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