What supplements should I take after the Clean program?

Supplements simply help bridge the gap between what our bodies need and what's lacking from our daily diet. That said, everyone is different, and there is no correct formula or supplements that's right for everyone.

 If you'd like to talk with someone about your diet, lifestyle, and what supplements might be best to include for you, feel free to contact one of our Wellness Coaches. We advise you to seek testing from a Functional Medicine doctor to see if you are lacking any keep nutrients. You can find one here at www.functionalmedicine.org

In general, we find that post people benefit from the following supplements:

  1. Fish Oil (EPA-DHA)

  2. Vitamin D (from the sun or pills)

  3. Probiotics - supplements or fermented veggies

  4. Daily Shake - this acts as a multivitamin 

We have created the  Daily Maintenence package to take the guesswork out of supplementing. Essentials include our maintenance shakes, Fish Oil, Sun D3, and our probiotics are also optionally available with the package.

Additionally, if you have a hard time including enough greens in your diet, you may also consider adding some Clean Greens into your morning shake. 

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