Cleanse Overview

Basics: A 21-day cleanse for achieving vibrant health and restoring the body's own natural ability to heal itself. Specifically designed for the person on the move who wants to remain active and cleanse. Unlike some traditional cleanses, you don't need to stay at home while you cleanse.



  1. Pre-Cleanse - The Pre-Cleanse is how you’ll ease your body into the full Cleanse. Eat three solid meals a day from the Cleanse Diet, for three days, before you start your Cleanse.
  2. Cleanse - During the Cleanse you’ll follow a simple 21-day routine: a shake for breakfast, a solid meal for lunch, a shake for dinner, and your Clean supplements throughout the day.
  3. Reintroduction - The Reintroduction process is the last stage of the Cleanse. The purpose of the process is to identify what foods work for you long-term.

Who Should Do This Cleanse?: If you are serious about turning around your health, this Cleanse is for you. The Cleanse focuses on changing habits and resetting the digestive tract so foods that you find yourself craving begin to have very little appeal to you. The Cleanse isn't hard, but it does take focus.

Benefits: The most frequently reported benefits are mental clarity, improved energy, improved digestion, weight loss, balanced moods, and long-term dietary changes.

Getting Started: There are two ways to get started on this cleanse:
Option 1: Order the Clean Cleanse kit, which provides you with everything you need to successfully complete the Cleanse.
Option 2: Purchase the book Clean and follow the detailed program outlined there.

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