Can I drink coffee on the Cleanse?

Nope. Best to let go of this habit by doing the Cleanse diet (3 meals a day) for 3 days before you start the Cleanse. This way you will not have too many changes to deal with when you start the Cleanse. 
Here are some tips for breaking the coffee habit during the Cleanse:

1. Best thing that will remineralize and hydrate the body and give you the coffee kick is 8-16 oz of fresh green vegetable juice daily made at home or from your local juice bar. This is a base of cucumber and celery with greens (kale, parsley, romaine, etc.) with a little apple or carrot for sweetness, and some ginger and lemon. Trust me, this is powerful.

2. Raw cacao powder (raw chocolate), add some to warm water, a little nut milk, some stevia or coconut nectar and you have a pick me up that is loaded with minerals and antioxidants without the crash of coffee.

3. Drink a cup of green tea or yerba mate. To deal with headaches, take magnesium as an extra supplement (it’s also a wonderful natural laxative in larger doses, which can be very helpful on the cleanse).

4. Teeccino (Gluten Free Dandelion Flavors only) or Dandy Blend - Great tasting herbal coffee

5. Criobru - Lightly roasted, but full of energy

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