Has the Cleanse been scientifically tested?

Has the Cleanse been tested scientifically?

No, the full Cleanse has not been researched in a laboratory setting, but most of our products are currently manufactured by Metagenics. They do their own research and testing which you can read about on the Metagenics website

Additionally, our medical director has many years of experience guiding people through the cleanse in a clinical setting through his private practice.

Is there any way to get some quantitative proof of its effectiveness?

Yes, individuals sometimes will have blood tests done before and after the cleanse to see how a variety of health indicators change. Here is a link to recommended blood tests if you are interested in this route. Make sure to wait at least 2-3 weeks before getting a blood test after you have finished the cleanse.

What about qualitative proof?

One of the best "proofs" of the effectiveness of our cleanse can be seen if you check out our  Community Support site . Registration is free for anyone, and there are thousands of people sharing their experiences (good and bad). This is a great way to see if this cleanse is right for you and get an idea of what to expect. It's also a good way to keep folks inspired, connected, and supported along their journey. We are very community support-oriented here at Clean, so we like to make sure you are well informed and you know that we got your back.

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