Is it possible to do the Cleanse while pregnant or nursing?

Unfortunately it is not possible to do the Cleanse while pregnant or nursing. Please do not actively try to conceive until the Cleanse is complete.

Research has shown that when a mother enters a cleanse program while nursing, that a large percentage of her total toxic load can be released through the breast milk and absorbed by the baby. 

Breast feeding your child is one of the best things you can do for her/him, so we highly recommend not doing the Cleanse until after the child is weaned.

Obviously, a baby is receiving even more nutrients from the mother while still in the womb, so cleansing while pregnant is NOT SAFE.  Additionally, you should wait at least 2-3 weeks after cleansing to resume breastfeeding or trying to conceive.

Following the Cleanse Diet guidelines is safe for you and safe for your baby.

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